Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lots of work to be done

I also love flowering plants but I find it hard to keep up.

This Adenium was given to me by mom. Actually before handling to me, it was looking great with lots of flowers. My helper started trimming it and since then, it was looking pathetic and bald.

Let's hope giving it more sunshine and better air quality, it will reinstate its glory.

For the past two days, I have repotted the Murraya to bigger pots which I bought from a nursery near Holiday Plaza JB @ RM75.00. Owner told me that she will increase price to RM90. Then I will see no difference in buying from her then. It will cost the same as Singapore.

Let's pray that they will recover from that nasty mealy bugs infection.

I am now dosing it with White Summer oil with hot water and soup detergent.

These portulaca were taken from the Murraya's base that I bought from the lawyer.

I don't really know how to replant it because it doesn't seems to have roots or rather it was embedded to deep and due to neglect, most roots dried up.

Let's hope it will survived.

This dracaena surculosa came a long way. It was previously from my second home, Lock Cho.

I also potted this Eugenia into pots that I bought from JB @ RM16. The holding plate was RM4.00.

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