Sunday, March 18, 2012

My herb "garden"

These two Aloe Vera were given to me by my neighbour. I have two pots previously from my old home but it was killed by my helper.

This was given to me by LT. She was very kind to share hers with me as it was given to her by her friend who brought it back from Australia.

Right now I have no time to really explore Aloe Vera. Let's hope I can learnt more.

This Indian Borage came with us from Seletar. Really easy and not temppremental at all.

Uncle Tan told me that you just need 7 leaves, pour boiling water. Simmer and flavour with honey or sugar. Great for cough.

This was given by the Thai worker from the building company. So sweet isn't he?

Another variety of Indian Borage.

I bought Roselle from Thong Hup Garden as my son loves roselle drink.


Contains high amounts of vitamin C
anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants

S$8/pot (THG)

This is purple ruffle basil. I was attracted by the colour. Bet it will be pretty on salad.

S$5/pot (THG)

This is Thai Basil. To be honest, I don't know why I bought this. Perhaps I was attracted by the flowers. I actually had one pot that came from Seletar home.

This pot is definitely more healthy looking than the existing one.

S$5/pot (THG)

Sweet basil. Let's hope I can make pesto soon.

S$5/pot (WF)

Was told that this is Lemon Balm. I was actually looking for Lemon Mytle after visiting a home and fell in love with the smell.

S$5/pot (THG)

I have two beautiful pot of pandan from Seletar previously. Both killed by helper. I tried unsuccessfully to grow another one from pandan that I buy from market. As they do not have roots attached these days, I didn't have luck with it.

I had another pot given by the lawyer but this was also killed by helper.

So in the end, I bought this baby. Let's hope helper will stay off.

S$5/pot (THG)

I think this is spearmint. I hope to own a pot of chocolate mint.

S$5/pot (THG)

Peppermint. Given by mom.

Adding a stalk of Rue to green bean soup brings a total different taste. I used have have a pot that I paid S$8 from pasar malam. That was killed by helper.

S$5.00/pot (THG)(WF)

Sawtooth coriander

S$5.00 (WF)

Chilli Padi

S$5/pot (WF)

This kaffir was given to me by JY four years ago. It was doing beautifully but was recently attacked by catepillar. We breed so many butterflies after that. Was a joy to watch them being freed but I pity my plant.

I think this should be wormwood rather than dill. We took it along when we moved out of Seletar.

Really easy to maintain.

We left behind many lime trees when we moved out of Seletar. I seriously regretted it but staying in apartment with space constraint. I had to forego.

Let's hope this baby will flourish.

S$3.00 (WF)

I used to have a beautiful pot of rosemary but my helper decided to shift position and eventually killed it. Tried many times propagant but failed.

This was given by the lawyer.

This Sugi was given by LT. It is a natural green colouring for pandan cake. I used it together with Pandan juice.

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  1. Hi, I like your potted herbs plants. I have kaffir, curry leaf plants each. My plants will only grow older but not bigger, because I do not have green fingers. I used to plant chilli but all dead. I like your plants, they are green and healthy. I like sawtooth coriander. I make dipping sauce for steamed chicken.