Saturday, March 17, 2012

My green finger journey

I am starting this blog to record my green finger journey. I always love greens.

I enjoy having plants or flowers in the house. Unfortunately I don't really have awesome green fingers.

My hubby actually created a little space for me to plant right outside a coridor. It was a space that attracted many praises with my visitors.

I am now blessed to have a bigger space for two fragipani trees. We decided to choose a red and a white with a hint of yellow flowers.

Not satisfied with the price the contractor quoted, I actually went tree hunting. From Kovan, Thomson, AMK, Sembawang and all the way to Jurong West. We were so happy that we get these two beauty at half the quoted price.

Uncle Tan from Thong Hup Gardens is indeed a veteran. His passion for plants and knowledge is enough to wow you. Believe me, this place is much better and more varieties than many of the nurseries we visited.

Let's hope they will flourish under my care.

S$560/2 trees - estimated 3 metres (inclusive of planting)

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