Thursday, June 7, 2012


I have been neglecting my garden as I was so busy trying to straighten up the house.  Was very happy to see them striving well despite my neglect.

The yam plant is growing really well.

The fragipani stem that I picked up started to flower.  I love this unique colour.

This desert rose was a "dying plant" for the last 4 years.  Now it started to bloom as well.  So pretty.

My curry plant started producing these berries.  Wondering whether it is edible.

Roselle is growing really fast and well.  I spotted one fruit, hopefully more will come.  I might have to repot it nearer to the study to give some shade.

Lena gave me some ginger torch and a huge pandan. I hope I planted them correctly.

Still not too sure how to "dress" up this front garden. 

My chilli padi is looking awesome.  How I wish it was a bigger chilli.  These are really miniature.

Started another row of herbs as there wasn't enough space on the planter box.

My helconia bed is looking pathetic.  Only half done coz we are still waiting for the tiles to come in (redoing the wall as the tiles are different shade).