Saturday, March 31, 2012

Harvest time

I decided to harvest the roselle as the fruits started to drop onto the group because of the strong wind.

Some chilli padis already turned red. This is my second harvest. The first I gave to the construction workers that are helping us with the house.

The sawtooth corriander seems to be growing in a strange manner. I was then told that they were flowering. Will wait till for it to dry out before harvesting the seeds. Let's hope I know how.

To prune, it is the leaf at the bottom. Remove edges, sliced thinnly and cook it with chicken.

This basil is also flowering. Will wait for seeds.

These are passionfruit seedling. I bought a kilo of passionfruit, extracted the juice and planted the seeds.

So happy that they are growing well.


  1. Wow! you really have a lot of stuff in your garden!
    It's my first time seeing some plants.. like the sugi.
    I actually find it amusing to read about all the plants ur helper killed.
    It's quite a sum hoh

  2. hahaha... yah I just found out that she steal money too. But I have hang on to her now coz my other helper is only coming in in 6 weeks' time. Currently in the midst of preparing for a house move. So bo bian.